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SkinTel® Technology for Permanent Hair Removal

The Elite IQ uses the SkinTel® system, which has been approved by the FDA, to accurately detect melanin levels in the skin. It takes into account the skin tone and texture of each individual, making it easier for technicians to provide tailored hair removal treatments. This allows for more precise treatments than the traditional method of simply judging skin type by sight. SkinTel® allows practitioners to make sure they are using the safest and most effective laser treatments for their clients.

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Elite iQ is the new Gold Standard in permanent hair removal. Visit one of our clinics in Toronto. Downtown location is at 600 Sherbourne St #605, Toronto.

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What happens after the treatment?

After your Elite iQ treatment, there may be some redness and swelling. A few days later, it may look like your hair is growing back in, but it is likely just being shed due to the treatment. Between treatments, you should avoid waxing or plucking, but shaving is okay.

Does laser hair removal hurt?

During the laser treatment, some people may experience a slight pinch or sting, but an anesthetic cream is available for those who need it. Afterwards, you can go back to your regular activities, although there may be some minor redness. We recommend applying sunscreen to any areas that have been exposed to the sun and may offer a specific skin care regimen tailored to your skin type.

Are there any restrictions on my activity after treatment?

After laser hair removal, you can get back to your regular activities right away, but there may be some redness. It's best to use sunscreen on any parts of your body that will be exposed to the sun. Additionally, we may suggest using a specialized skin care product line or giving you a personalized skin care regimen tailored to your skin.

How many treatments are required?

Most areas require 3-8 treatments. However, the number of treatments required for optimal long-term benefits depends on multiple factors – hair thickness, the area treated and your hair’s growth cycle. Each hair grows at a different rate and goes through three distinct phases: growth, regression, and resting.

Is Elite iQ laser the same as other cheaper IPL removal devices on the market?

There is a clear distinction between laser and IPL (intense pulsed light) for hair removal. Laser uses a monochromatic, focused beam of light, while IPL is a broader, more dispersed light source with varying depths of penetration. Laser is more precise and gives more reliable results, while IPL carries the risk of burns since its wavelengths are not all absorbed by the hair follicle.
Laser technology is much more effective and achieves substantially better results than IPL, with most clients achieving optimal results of permanent hair removal of 80% or greater after four to eight treatments. Laser is safer, more effective, and the only way hair removal should ever be performed.


Elite iQ is the new Gold Standard in permanent hair removal. 


Laser Hair Removal for Dark Skin

In the past, receiving laser hair removal was dangerous for women of colour since the lasers only catered to those with fair skin and dark hair. The technology could not differentiate between the skin pigment and hair follicles, leading to potential scarring, burns, discoloration, and more. 

However, recently, advancements have been made to create laser technology that is safe for darker skin tones, such as the Elite IQ™ Laser, which has a selection of wavelengths to optimize safety.


Are you a man trying to get rid of unwanted hair? Laser hair removal for men is becoming increasingly popular as more men are getting fed up with the tedious processes of shaving and waxing.

Men usually want to get rid of hair on their back, chest, under chin, ears, eyebrows, buttocks, groin area, hands and feet, which differs from women. The process for laser hair removal for men is similar to that for women, so if you are considering it, do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or doubts.


This laser device offers a permanent hair reduction solution that is safe for all skin types, even targeting those with lighter hair colours.

The procedure is praised for being non-invasive and less painful, with fewer treatments needed to achieve a 90% reduction in hair growth.

The laser’s cauterizing effect makes it ideal for removing stubborn ingrown hairs.

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