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ipl vs laser

IPL VS Laser

IPL vs Laser, Which is Better?

The primary distinction between IPL and Laser Hair Removal removal

The primary distinction between IPL vs Laser is the kind of light employed. The IPL laser is actually not a laser. It is a monochromatic coherent light source, whereas laser is a wideband pulsed light source. Both treatments target melanin in the hair follicle and provide long-term benefits.

IPL and laser impulses both reach the hair’s root through melanin. This stimulation has a ‘damaging’ impact on the root, and after a few treatment sessions, the root will be unable to generate new hair. Dark hair and pale complexion are the ideal combo for the best results.

Because in-clinic laser therapy is a more selective technique, the extremely high energy will be focused on the hair follicle rather than the surrounding skin. As a consequence, in-clinic laser treatments will produce faster results while also being acceptable for darker skin tones. The frequency, energy, and colour of the hair all play a role in the treatment’s success.

Many people make the mistake of thinking that all hair removal techniques are the same. They look to be the same, yet they do not employ the same technology or provide the same results. Many hair removal clinics claim to offer “laser” hair removal when, in reality, they merely employ IPL.

So, whether you’re thinking about IPL or laser hair removal, you need first figure out which is ideal for you.

What exactly is IPL hair removal?

IPL laser therapy, also known as intense pulsed light treatment, is a method for eradicating unwanted body hair as well as pigment and vascular lesions.

IPL uses a broad spectrum of light to target dark hair. Dark hair absorbs light, heats up, and is damaged down to the root, similar to how wearing black on a hot day might cause you to overheat.

The main advantage of IPL laser hair removal procedures over waxing or plucking is that they are permanent. Any treated live hair follicle is destroyed and will not regenerate.

Permanent hair reduction with IPL therapy is more effective on darker hair and may be less effective on lighter hair.

IPL devices do not use lasers. Like a light bulb, these devices output a broad spectrum of wavelengths and cannot be focused to form a concentrated beam. Because various wavelengths are diffused at various depths, only a subset of them are efficiently absorbed by the hair follicle, resulting in subpar outcomes and an increased risk of burns.

IPL is not monochromatic, which means that it has many various colours, only a tiny fraction of which are beneficial for hair reduction therapy.

IPL is not collimated and hence spreads out quickly, making it less useful in hair removal therapy.

IPL is not cohesive and does not reinforce itself, making it less successful in treating hair loss.

What exactly is laser hair removal?

IPL and laser hair removal are comparable, but not the same. Medical lasers emit a single wavelength of light that is focused on a specific area. This light is absorbed solely by hair pigment and does not reach the surrounding skin or other tissues in the treatment area.

A laser is monochromatic, which means that the light it emits has only one wavelength (colour). Ordinary white light, on the other hand, is a blend of several various wavelengths (colours).

The light waves of a laser are “collimated,” which means they are parallel. This makes laser light extremely potent, since about 100% of the light may be used to treat hair removal.

Laser light is coherent, which means it is completely reinforcing and does not cancel itself out. A laser’s coherent light varies from regular light in that it is composed of waves of the same wavelength and phase (i.e., in step with each other) whereas ordinary light comprises many distinct wavelengths and phase relationships.

To determine whether laser or IPL is superior for hair removal, we’ll look at five key characteristics and compare them.

IPL makes use of a variety of light sources. By targeting the melanin pigment, this warms the hair and destroys the follicles. Laser hair removal works by heating the hair and damaging the hair follicles with laser radiation. The laser focuses on a smaller region and often penetrates deeper into the pore. Lasers focus light more finely on the region where hair is being removed, increasing efficiency and minimizing the likelihood of adverse effects.

  • Treatment in the future: Laser hair removal is a far more invasive. It enters the pores deeper, resulting in more effective outcomes. This suggests that you may need just a few treatments for your desired outcome.
  • IPL, however, does not focus just on hair. Therefore, you may want further treatments to keep your hair from growing back.

So, IPL vs Laser, which is better?

Laser technology is more effective and produces far better outcomes than IPL, with most customers attaining 80% or more permanent hair removal after four to eight treatments. Laser hair removal is the only way to remove hair that is safer and more effective.

In contrast, IPL devices are not lasers. These devices generate a wide range of wavelengths and cannot be focused to form a concentrated beam. Because various wavelengths are diffused at various depths, only a subset of them are efficiently absorbed by the hair follicle, resulting in subpar outcomes and an increased risk of burns.

IPL devices generally employ wavelengths ranging from 500 to 1000 nm. When these wavelengths are exposed to the skin, the light cannot distinguish between chromophores within the skin. Because of the broad light spectrum, generating sufficient energy to kill deep targets such as hair is sometimes difficult.

The following are the primary benefits of employing laser hair removal machines over ipl hair removal machines:

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